Sunday, September 28, 2003

Bday Part Two

With my mother back in town from visiting my grandfather in Florida, she wanted me to come by for a belated birthday cake and family gathering. This meant my favorite Boston Creme Pie! Two layers of white cake with vanilla pudding in the middle and creamy chocolate icing on top. OOOHH! My sister also showed up since her bday was on Sept. 11th and we were celebrating them together. My brother Courts also stopped in for the gathering. Valerie was with me and was able to "experience" Pioneer Days in Collinsville Texas. Oh boy. Now, my parents don't live in Collinsville but that is where my dad's store is. The town has maybe 1500 people and they all flock to the town square for music, food and to watch a recreation of old western gunfighters shoot it out. We only stayed there briefly, then became annoyed by all the kids running around screaming and shooting marshmellows at eachother out of homade guns crafted from 1 inch PVC piping that apparently some guy was selling at a boothe that day. So Valerie and I left there and headed to over to my brother Steves'. He showed me the work he's done on his classic Corvette lately. Installing a huge sound system, putting glowing lights inside the door pannels and redoing the interior. One sharp looking car. This car not only can fly but looks good doing it. He mentions to me his next project is installing nitrousoxide for that killer boost. I wonder if they make that for my Saturn? hehe
I now rewind a bit to Friday night. Valerie and I met up with my buddy Craig and his girlfriend Becky to go watch the new movie Underworld. This is the movie about vampires vs. werwolfes in some dark goth-like city... somewhere. I'll have to say it was pretty good. Entertaining at least. Lots of shooting, blood and general action with some plot twists. The werwolves were a pretty scary bunch. The ending of the movie definatly screamed SEQUAL!! As it left the door open to what was going to happen next.
So now here I am on Sunday. Not much going on. Just doing laundry and watching some football. Man I hope the Jets pound the dallas cowgirls.
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