Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sun Block
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Sun Block
With my Tuesday night soccer season over for a few weeks, I took the evening to drive around some local back roads. I had success finding an interesting location for my last 52 Week shot, so I thought why not grab the camera and take advantage of the setting sun.

I drove down a country road for a couple miles and a gravel road to the right caught my eye. It was too late to make the turn so I kept going for a bit till I could turn around. I came back to the road and it was another gravel drive leading up to a natural gas pump station. There's a lot of those in this area of North Texas. But instead of the area being surrounded by crops, it was surrounded by a huge sunflower field. I immediately knew I had a nice find and needed to start snapping as the sun was dropping fast. I began walking through the sunflower field shooting randomly. It was as I turned around to work my way back out that I noticed this flower blocking the sun from my eyes. I snapped the shot and thought, "this one might be a keeper"! Just then i noticed almost every other flower around me was occupied by a large furry yellow jacket. Suddenly I felt panic flow through me. I ran from the field, jumped in my car, rolled up the windows and turn the air conditioning on (hey its like 100F here!). Bee's/Wasp/Hornets are one of my biggest fears. My cryptonite.

Hhmm... perhaps a future self portrait idea could be opening its doors here.
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