Thursday, August 17, 2006

Attempting to Convert

Today I had lunch with my good buddy, EVP. I talked him into trying out sushi with me at a local place I enjoy eating at about once a month. Now, EVP is normally steak and potatos type eater. Nothing really out of the ordinary. So getting him to even agree to have sushi for lunch was an accomplishment.

We arrived and began browsing the menu. So many types of sushi, so many choices! I could see EVP was overwelmed. He began asking the waitress what she recommends because he was such a noob and couldn't make up his own mind. She pointed out a lunch special which included 6 shrimp cali style rolls, plus 4 sushi of his choice. Again, he couldn't make up his mind so he told her to pick. She chose two salmon sushi and two tuna sushi. The plate arrived and I could see EVP's face. He looks up at me and say's "man I don't even know what to bite into first". This was all so new to him, he had no idea what to expect. I told him start with a cali-roll and see what he thought. He wrestled a bit with the chopsticks but mananged to pick one up, dip it in soy sauce and fit the whole thing into his mouth. He chewed and chewed, then chewed some more. I starred at him awaiting his answer. He said "well, its different". HA! Next he wanted to try the actual real sushi. But he didn't want the rice, just the slice of fish off the top. He didn't seem to mind it and continued to eat all four fish slices leaving the rice ball on this plate. He then went on to peel the rice layer off the cali-rolls and eat the rest of them piece by piece. When he was done, he almost had cleaned his plate, except for the rice from the rolls. I was impressed. For a guy who was terrified walking in, he did some damage to his lunch! But then EVP lets me down. On the way home, he confesses he will never eat sushi or there again. Too funny, I think he actually didn't mind it but he can't bring himself to admit it. That's ok, I accomplished my mission. Getting him to try sushi. One sushi hating friend down, dozens to go! Posted by Picasa
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