Thursday, September 28, 2006

Taking One For the Team

My good buddy Trent recently volunteered to be tasered. Im so glad he passed the video on to me. Enjoy this... shocking video. LOL

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Patience Pays Off

Tonight my mens outdoor team, Blackhawks, won our first game of the season! We now hold a record of 1 win, 1 tie and 1 loss. So we're still in ok shape. We had an away game tonight in a city just south of Denton. Im still healing up from a series of injuries, so I could really only play at about 85%. We got on the scoreboard first. Our midfielder crossed the ball in from near the touchline. But it was headed too close to their goalie. Me and a defender went for the ball at the near post. In a panic, he just cleared it away. But he kicked it right into the center, where my other striker was standing. He easily shot it into the back of the net giving us a 1-0 lead. It was a fairly even game, with both teams controlling play for most of the 2nd half. Then they got a quick one on one break and shot it low to the right of Ken our goalkeeper. All tied up, 1-1. I was getting a little frustrated because my team wasn't getting me the ball to give me too many scoring chance. But I stayed patient. Just minutes later, the other striker Tro, broke down the left sideline with the ball. I ran to the backside of the goal waiting for his cross. He crosses it but its headed close to their goalie again. The keeper lunges for the ball but only gets his finger tips on it, trying to tip it way from me. Instead, he tips it almost right to me! I rush ahead of the defender covering me and jump slightly into the air to meet the bouncing ball to volley it into the net from about 6 yards out. We go up 2-1 and thats where it ends after a few more minutes of play. We're in the win column and I get my 2nd goal of the season but my first game winning goal!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

We Are The Bears, Shufflin Crew...

Just in case you missed the game, here are the highlights of my Chicago Bears destroying the Detroit Lions 34-7. Minnesota... you're next!!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Down With the Cheese Heads!

Sunday my Chicago Bears started the season with a 26-0 whipping of the sorry Greenbay Packers. This was an awesome day. I hope there will be many more like these highlights this NFL Bears season! GO BEARS!!

Customizing My Sidekick 3!

I recently upgraded my Sidekick 2 phone to a new slick Sidekick 3! This phone packs a ton of features such as, web surfing, text messaging, AIM-MSN-Yahoo chat clients, ToDo lists, Notes, Calendar, Address book, MP3 player, Bluetooth, 1.3MP camera and a few other bells and whistles. One of the coolest things about this Sidekick is the ability to customize the background with different themes. Or, create your own. I created this one from screenshots from the game Battlefield 2, which I enjoy playing. I think it looks much better than the default Tmobile theme. Posted by Picasa

Bday Pie?

Yup! That's what it is! Emily made me this strawberry/banana creme pie for my bday in place of a cake. And boy is it good! No, I wont share. hehe Thanks babe! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Streak Continues


My Friday night coed indoor team continued our winning streak this past Friday by beating a league rival 11-5. I was really proud of my team for coming back from a 5-4 half time deficit to win. I got 2 goals, but our girls really came to play.. scoring time and time again. They really put the other team away. It was a good game. Thanks to Mandy for coming out to take some pictures. In the photo above, I scored my first of the two goals on that shot. Go me! Posted by Picasa