Saturday, March 17, 2007

A Quick Update

Ok, im in one of those lazy stages with my website and blog. Not that there is nothing happening in my life. There is. Just taking the time to sit down and write about it is the tough part. A quick run down of events since like ....... oh December.
Late December, early January:
My dad went in for a check up and they found a number of clogged up arteries and some problems with his heart. So he had to have triple heart bi-pass surgery then a couple smaller ones in the weeks after. He's still recovering, but getting stronger each week and getting his weight back. So that's good. Today, March 17th, is his Birthday. The whopping 72! That sounds old even to me! haha But he's in good spirits and just trying to get better and back on his feet full time.

Earlier this month my friends Roger and his sister Melisa came back from their contracting job in Kabul Afganistan. It was great to see them and hear all their stories. They are doing technical work over there, putting their lives in the States on hold to travel abroad and makes some serious money. Of course there are risks. Melisa tells me the building she lives in does not have a bathroom in it. So if they leave it to go to the restroom at night, they are not allowed to carry a flashlight. It attracts the attention of snipers in the surrounding hills. Oh how nice. Emily and I met up with Roger, Melisa and the rest of their family and friends over in Plano for a nice dinner. It was good times and I look forward to seeing them again.

Looking forward, I'm pretty excited. Emily and I booked and bought our next vacation. In November we're headed off to Italy! We'll spend a week traveling Rome, Venice, Pompeii, and Florence before returning home. Should be an awesome time and I'll return with a ton of great pictures.

More news on the family front. My sister Macey and her boyfriend Steve are getting married this summer. I believe its in June. I suppose it's in my best interest to find out.. eh?

On the home front, spring is quickly approaching so I've been busy getting the lawn back in shape. Exciting yes, I know. lol But hey, I dont want to be the only person on my street with a crappy lawn. We've also planted a new tree. He's in the backyard and taking to his new home nicely. Emily has named him after some spice, which I can't remember at the moment. lol

In the Thorpe World of Tech, the latest craze is a game called Armed Assault. This game is flat out the coolest military simulation I've ever played. The games world is massive and the graphics are great. Its good fun. Also, I picked up one of those new'ish Logitech G15 keyboards. Mainly targeted at gamers, this keyboard has lit-up key's, programmable macro keys, a flip up LCD screen that provides information about the current game and your system and has media control buttons built onto the face. So far, I love it.

My main website, was down for a while because my stupid registrar screwed up. It took me about 8 emails and 2 phone calls to straighten out. But I think everything is back on track. If you ever visit my main site and it does not come up, don't worry it still there, just down temporarily.

On the sports front, I've been having to take time off of playing soccer. Which is killing me! Back in December, I turned to chase a guy during a game and I felt a wierd "click" feeling in my right knee. I did't think anything of it and kept playing. I played several more games before one night it was really feeling sore and the next morning very stiff. I decided to see a specialist. They did some test's and the doc said I might have a partial tear to my ACL. Not good! So he wanted to get an MRI done to be sure. I got that done and the results came back negative, no damage to the ACL. So he said to just take time off from soccer and don't rush back too quickly. So that's what I'm doing. I've been out for almost 2 months now since the injury. Im hoping to get back to playing in about another 3 weeks. I don't want it to re injure