Sunday, November 30, 2003

Big D visits Big D

This past Tuesday night my old buddy and former roomate, Dan flew in to DFW for the holidays. Its always a blast when he's in town. Because everyone wants to see him while he's here, we have lots of gatherings with all our old friends. Ive been out with him pretty much each night since Tuesday. Its been a very fun 4 day weekend over the holidays. Last night we all met up at Dave & Busters in Frisco. Dan and I were there to meet up with 3 of his old buddies from high school. One of them insisted on drinking non-stop. Beers, shots, liqour... anything. Sure enough, an hour later he was in the Dave & Busters bathroom, sitting on the floor of a stall with his face laying on a toilet seat, puking his guts out. Gross, yes.... funny? Definatly! ha! It was just after that happened that a surprise guest showed up. Big man, Dustin. He also had a laugh at Dan's sickly friend on the restroom floor. We stayed till the place closed then headed back from distant Frisco. Getting back at almost 3am, I was beat. Contacts out, face first into my bed. Flatline.
On a different note, well a nerdy note, I set up whats called a Team Speak server yesterday. What this does is allows players in tactical type shooter games to put on a headset and communicate using voice during the game. Its very cool and Im excited to get a chance for me and my buds to put it to use in Ghost Recon on our next gaming night! Oh also while Dan was here I talked him into finally retiring his ancient and outdated PC at home. So we went online PC shopping for him, because I know where to get some great deals. When it was all said and done, we got him a rockin system. (Nerds pay attention, everyone else just move along.) When it comes in, his new box will have a ASUS 500mhz FSB MoBo with a 8X AGP slot, equiped with a 2.8 GHZ Athlon XP CPU. It has 512 MB of high speed DDR memory to help it fly thru most anything and a 128MB GeForce vid card to make gaming an unbelievable experience. All this with an 80GB hard drive strapped to it for storage space to spare running Windows XP Pro and for a total of $640. I think mikey likes. hehe

Monday, November 24, 2003

Saturday Gunbattle

Well not quite a "gunbattle" but more of a paintball gunbattle. A few friends and I headed out to the wooded Corp of Engineers land near the lake to play some paintball. As usual, tons O fun. Although we had a small turn out, the paint was still flying. My team was unable to achieve a victory for the day but came close on a couple rounds. Unlike the last paintball match which was played on whats called a speedball field, this was thick woods. Which means long periods of quiet stalking and hunting your enemy, with sudden fire-fights and ambushes. Im looking forward to playing again very soon.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Sad News

I learned sad news this afteroon. My grandpa's heart finally gave out this morning around 8am and he passed away. He was 82 years old and my mom said he held up his good humor until the end. I'll miss grandpa. He came from Siclli, Italy when he was a young boy. He ran an Italian resaurant many years outside Orlando Florida. He drove everywhere because he was scared to fly and never left home without his little dog Nikki. He will be missed.

Sunday, November 16, 2003

And Another Must See

Ok Friday night me, Val, Craig and Becki went to see Master and Commander, The new Russel Crowe movie. I had heard good reviews about it but I never put too much into those. Turns out it was a pretty good movie. I was very impressed by the quality of the war ships in the movie. Im afraid to know how much they spent on recreating these exact replica's of 18th century navy vessels. It was incredible to watch the battle scenes. As the ships pull near eachother and fire off all their cannon's you can only think how badly damaged the ship and crew must have been after it was over.
On another note, I picked up a new video card for my pc today. Its a nice Radeon 9200, with 128MB of memory on board. Its not the top of the line but its a nice fast card. Top of the line runs close to $500, but I caught this dandy on sale for $80. Can't beat that for upgrading your gaming pleasure!

Monday, November 10, 2003

Must See!

Whatever you do this holiday season, youi have to go see the new movie Elf! What a funny movie. Sure its one of those happy ending christmas movies, but Will Farrell makes it a truly hilarious flick.

Sunday, November 09, 2003

Sooooooo Lucky

Well the dallas cowgirls managed to win today in the NFL. And to top it off, the Chicago Bears lost. Ugg, to the detroit lions for that matter. This league must be rigged I tell ya!

Saturday, November 08, 2003


Be sure to check out my site, if you didn't get here through there anyhow. Ive updated the Party page with pics from Samia's Halloween party last saturday. It was a blast!
Tonight should be interesting. My friend Cheryl is participating in a belly dancing show. So of course in support, me and all my friends will be there in force to cheer her on! Yes, I'll have my camera ready. :)

Friday, November 07, 2003


Im at work right now. Bored. Im tied to my desk and the day is just crawwwwwwllling. Could this day go any slower? Anywho, its Friday finally! I have no idea what the weekend holds in store. I'll definatly update the site this week. So check back!

Shame On Me

Here it is Friday morning and I have not made a blog entry since Monday! Shame, shame, shame. It's been a pretty good week. I have'nt had time to post the latest pictures from last weekends party. But I still plan to. Wednesday, for those of you who didn't know or didn't care, the new movie "Matrix Revolutions" came out in theaters. If you haven't seen it, DO SO! It was awesome! The movie takes some very interesting twists and turns. The action is incredible and Agent Smith is just as humorous as ever. My favorite line of his... when he standing in the street facing off with Neo, he gestures to the thousands of copies of himself standing around them in the city streets and says to Neo, "Like what I've done with the place?" Ha, classic! Overall, great movie. Very entertaining. And if you don't try to get too caught up in all the philosophy and hidden religious and ethical messages, its even a better movie. Things are getting busy here at work. Gotta run, but I'll blog some more later today.

Monday, November 03, 2003

November Halloween

Saturday night may have been November 1st, but that didn't prevent my friend Samia from throwing a belated Halloween party at her house. In attendance were, Valerie and myself along with THE AMANDA'S, Mandy with her sister and Sylvia with Ted. What a great group and a great time! I took lots of pics and should have them up VERY soon. Including one pic of me in full mullet/nascar mode. For those of you who are big time nascar fans and are possibly offended that I have made a joke about mullets and nascar... too bad. It's true.