Sunday, November 16, 2003

And Another Must See

Ok Friday night me, Val, Craig and Becki went to see Master and Commander, The new Russel Crowe movie. I had heard good reviews about it but I never put too much into those. Turns out it was a pretty good movie. I was very impressed by the quality of the war ships in the movie. Im afraid to know how much they spent on recreating these exact replica's of 18th century navy vessels. It was incredible to watch the battle scenes. As the ships pull near eachother and fire off all their cannon's you can only think how badly damaged the ship and crew must have been after it was over.
On another note, I picked up a new video card for my pc today. Its a nice Radeon 9200, with 128MB of memory on board. Its not the top of the line but its a nice fast card. Top of the line runs close to $500, but I caught this dandy on sale for $80. Can't beat that for upgrading your gaming pleasure!

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