Monday, December 16, 2002


This past saturday, I played paintball with a bunch of guys from work. I had forgotten how much fun that sport is! Earlier this year I had bought a paintball gun (marker) from a buddy of mine and I finally got to use it. The last time I played I had to rent a gun. Which turned out to be a single shot, pump action type. This time, I was fully armed with a semi-auto, paintball spraying machine. haha In the course of 4 hours of play, I shot over a 1000 rounds (1 case)! But having the semi-auto gun definatly increased my number of tags. Be sure to check the pictures on my site of the paintball battle!

Friday, December 06, 2002


It's finally friday! Although Im here at work and its just past 7am, at least its the end of the week. Not a whole lot of excitement as of late. Thanksgiving at the Thorpe house went smooth. I ate all I could. Then, like the Grinch who stole Thanksgiving, I snuck away with most of the families leftovers from the big meal. Ah yes, I was eating good for the next few days.
Its actually starting to get cold here in Texas. Lately our nights have been getting down to the uppper 20's (F), and the days have barely been topping off at 50. I laugh because when i was living in the Chicagoland area, those temperatures would have been reason to put on the swim shorts and hit the beach! Instead, my friends up north are just hoping each daytime high will get UP TO 20 degrees. My friend Dan in California emailed me the other day to taunt me with the 70 degree temps they are getting. (note to self, be sure to laugh at dan after next large cali earthquake.) See, life all balances out. hehe

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Guess Who's Back?

Well, Monday night I renewed the Domain name for another 4 years!! That means I will be around for quite a while longer. Who know's what adventures and pictures I will get to post over the years to come. I have some big ideas for my site, just havent had the time to sit down and really do them. Perhaps now that I know I have four more years of site updating, it will motivate me to really change things up? If anyone has any cool website ideas they think could improve my site, please go back to my hompage ( and click on the "Contact Me" link. Shoot me an email with ANY ideas.

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Stupid People Tricks

Some people are just too stupid for their own good. And to think, this kid will probably sue because he was given the idea by something he saw. Idiot! Go. Read.

Friday, November 08, 2002

Yeah, im a nerd.

After walking through the local software store, i find myself excited over the following games being released.
Unreal Tournament 2003
FIFA 2003
Hitman 2
The Sims - Online (not out quite yet)
Ghost Recon - Island Thunder

Yeah, im a nerd. I find this stuff fun. So, if you are a nerd too.. check out these games ASAP!!!! haha

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Party Time!!

Congratulations to my girlfriend Jenna for passing the Texas Bar Exam!!

Monday, October 28, 2002

Post Weekend Update

Here we are again on a monday morning. The weekend halloween party turned out pretty good. My friend Roger's costume party was a lot of fun. My "death" costume left many people guessing until i removed my mask. haha The party probobly had a turnout of around 30 people. Even the cops showed up to tell us to close the windows and keep it down. I guess thats what Roger gets for moving into suburbia.
This past weekends football was one of those good-bad sundays. My chicago bears, are sucking. Losing their 5th in a row!! But on the upside, the Dallas cowgirls also lost and the Greenbay Packers won (i think).
That is all my thoughts for this time. Please tune in again.

Friday, October 25, 2002


Its friday, and Im getting my stuff together for a costume party saturday night at my buddy Rogers' house. And its a very good costume, i must say. I can mention it on here yet because he comes to my site and will figure it out. I wouldnt tell him when he asked earlier. You know, surprise. At a past halloween party, this costume won me Best Costume. hehe Not much happening on this friday night. Just chillin at the crib and watching tv. I'll probably post some pics from the costume party by early next week. Check back in!

Tuesday, October 22, 2002


Im back from Germany, recovered from my jet-lag and ready to get back to american life. Germany was a very interesting experience. I got to explore an 800 year old castle, drive on the autoban and mingle with many people who had no idea what I was really trying to say. Starting the trip, Jenna and I landed in Frankfurt. We spent about two days there. For those who have never been, Frankfurt is a busy, crowded city with NO parking what-so-ever. Our hotel only had two parking spots for its customers use, so we ended up parking at a train station (hauptbanhoft) about 5 blocks away and walking back. And during this walk back, we got lost and had to catch a cab to find our hotel. By the second day we were ready to get out of the concrete maze called Frankfurt. We packed everything into our Mercedes A-140 and drive an hour south to Hiedelburg. This was a much more interesting place. The Hiedelburg Castel overlooks the city. And it was a much easier place to navigate. Soon I will be posting pictures on my Adventure page from this city, and the rest of my trip. My flight back was a painfully long 11 hours. At least airplane food is getting better. I ate better than I do at home! haha Check the site later this week for my best pics from this big adventure!

Friday, October 11, 2002


Its finally here, Friday! Just 2 days left until I leave for Germany. I have so much to do, its going to be a busy 2 days. My camera is ready and I cant wait to return with mucho cool pictures to add to my site. Not much in the way of exciting today. Work is very slow. The final 45 minutes are going to just crawl. All I can think is, "I am 45 minutes away from a weeks vacation". COME ON CLOCK!!! MOVE!! More to come soon. Stay tuned.

Thursday, October 10, 2002

Yes Sir! May I have another?

Today my um... place of employment put on what they called an "employment appreciation day" picnic. Even though I brought my lunch, im not one to pass up all you can eat free food. So, my friend Craig and I hopped in my car and headed towards the picnic grounds. The lunch offered, chilli dogs and frito pie. I was a starvin marvin so I had the lady load me up with 3 chilli dogs and a frito pie. Now, I dont even really like frito pies, but it was free and I'll be darned if im going to pass on free food even if i dont like it. I quickly downed everything on my plate and thought, I bet I could eat one more chilli dog! Oh... mistake. 30 minutes later I can barely breathe Im so full. But still smiling, as I felt I got the best of my foolish office for offering me free food! Ha! As I return to my desk, I could quickly feel the sleep monster come calling. This will be a tough afternoon.

Wednesday, October 09, 2002


Last night my indoor soccer team won our league championship match! It was a close one though, final score 7-6. Funny thing was we were winning 5-0 at halftime. We scored the winning 7th goal in the final 20 seconds of the game. Whew! Too close for comfort. You'd think for winning a championship game the team would get like a big trophy or something. Nope. A white t-shirt with the name of the soccer place and the word Champion on the front. Very rewarding i tell ya.
My buddy Dan fly's back to L.A. today. Yes, I will miss that boy. He always has interesting stories of his life in the really big city. I only got to hang with him for 2 of the days he was here. We had a blast as usual. He mentioned to me that his buddies back at Honda HQ have been taking a peek at my site now and then. In that case, let me take a moment to give a big shout out to John M., Jason D. and anyone else I forgotten that slaves daily under the rule of corperate Honda. Thanks for checking up guys!

Monday, October 07, 2002

Oh the Pain

Its monday, again. ugg Back at work and tired as usual. Drove across the border (oklahoma) for the weekend. It was Jenna's birthday! We had a nice dead cow dinner (steak) and I gave her a present. It was a very good weekend overall. I had lots of fun. We also got to finalize our plans for next week. Her work is sending her to Germany to teach a course for a week. I am going along with her a week early to tour around and sight see. Expect a TON of coolio pictures when i return, posted on! Im really looking forward to this getaway. More info to come soon!

Thursday, October 03, 2002

Pre-weekend thinking

Today is thursday and my bud Dan from LA fly's back into dallas tonight. His plane comes in at 11pm! Of course he'll be on LA time so to him it will be 9pm. Im sure he'll want to do something. I am predicting a tired Thorpe come work on Friday morning. Its worth it though. To see his face when i greet him at the airport pretending to be his long lost gay lover, estatic to see him. Yeah, its pretty funny. He tries to act like he doesnt know me and to keep walking. But you can only run so far from a screaming maniac who wants a hug. hahahahaha Boy i hope he reads this. Why does today feel like friday?

Sunday, September 29, 2002

Competition Sunday

Today is pretty much a day of some type of competition. Ive done a bit more of that editing thing on Premiere. But the majority has been watching NFL games, killing people in various types of mutiplayer online games and getting ready for my soccer game tonight. Which the league has so nicely put at 10:30pm. These late games are never all that fun. Especially when they put us on the Sunday match. This is my teams last game going into the championship match. We have a 7-0 record and are playing the 3rd place team tonight. Id like for us to beat them and go into the final undefeated. If we lose, i wont feel good about facing a tough second place team in the championship game next week. CRAP!! Im watching the NFL game highlights. The Bills just scored an overtime touchdown to beat my Bears. That is.... upsetting.
Why is it the Ken Burn Civil War series is so hypnotic to watch? Bummed that my team lost, I changed channel and stoped on this historical series. Now, I cant touch the remote!
WOOO WHOOOO! Just got in from my late night soccer game. The other team didnt have enough players to start. We won by default. As ugly as that is, it gives us a perfect 8-0 regular season record. In just over a week we face our the second place team in the finals. Even though the league champion only wins a T-shirt saying "Champion", i'll take it! I can always use a new T-shirt.

Saturday, September 28, 2002

Saturday Night not-Live

Today wasnt the most action packed day of my life. It started out with so much potential, then took a real potential killing turn. Nine A.M. im up and being a productive member of society. Cleaning my apartment, working on projects ive put off... then i figure i'll take a break and watch some TV. That was the mistake. I lay down on the couch with my drink. Next thing I know, Im waking up and its 3pm!! Being that I had told my parents I would stop by their place at 1pm, I went into turbo mode to get caught up. I was there by 4. Did a late bday celebration, at some good food and relaxed a bit. Now its just me on this not so live saturday night. On the upbeat side, i went out and bought a book on Adobe Premiere. Ive been wanting to learn that program. So ive spent the evening going thru the tutorials and editing some video. Pretty coolio. Yes, i lead the life of a Hollywood high roller i tell ya!

Thursday, September 26, 2002

The 7 Habits from Hell

Here I am, on lunch from my 3 day torture session AKA 7 habits. This thing is wearing me out. uugg Today's assignment was for us all to write a mission statement about our lives. Umm.. yeah, let me whip that up in 15 minutes. It was at that moment I almost considered writing out the motivational words of Tyler Durden. I figured, hey if he motivated those guys to create an underground fist fighting cult, it should easily sound just as good as my uplifting life's mission statement. Maybe i could talk the class into shaving our heads and carrying out covert operations between the hours of 8am and 5pm? Naa, they wouldnt go for it. I'll just be happy with my free coke and granola bar.

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Learning to blog!

Well through some trial and error im figuring out more and more about the world of blogging. Has anyone ever played the video game Medal of Honor? This has to be one of the most addicting online multiplayer games EVER. If you are into that stuff and havent tried it yet. Do so! You wont regret it! Wow, that sounded nerdy.
Today Im at work and they've sent a bunch of us to a class called 7 habbits of highly effective people. What a whipping. This class uses corperate motivational terms like "synergy" and "think win-win". uugg And to make it worse, this class lasts for 3 days. Im not sure if i can last that long. Well my break is almost up. I havent been brainwashed yet, but im starting to feel "proactive". Id better go.
Well I couldnt sleep so I thought, hey I'll start a blog! Now... my evil thoughts and plans to rule the world can be documented step by step for all the public to see!!! hahahahahahahahah (Evil laugh) Oh... wait. On a not so sinister note, ive found out im worth $1,852,144.00. This is according to my "site of the week" link to I wonder what could increase my value? Perhaps an extra toe or maybe flip-top head. Always nice for getting to those hard to reach mollars! ha!