Thursday, October 10, 2002

Yes Sir! May I have another?

Today my um... place of employment put on what they called an "employment appreciation day" picnic. Even though I brought my lunch, im not one to pass up all you can eat free food. So, my friend Craig and I hopped in my car and headed towards the picnic grounds. The lunch offered, chilli dogs and frito pie. I was a starvin marvin so I had the lady load me up with 3 chilli dogs and a frito pie. Now, I dont even really like frito pies, but it was free and I'll be darned if im going to pass on free food even if i dont like it. I quickly downed everything on my plate and thought, I bet I could eat one more chilli dog! Oh... mistake. 30 minutes later I can barely breathe Im so full. But still smiling, as I felt I got the best of my foolish office for offering me free food! Ha! As I return to my desk, I could quickly feel the sleep monster come calling. This will be a tough afternoon.

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