Tuesday, October 22, 2002


Im back from Germany, recovered from my jet-lag and ready to get back to american life. Germany was a very interesting experience. I got to explore an 800 year old castle, drive on the autoban and mingle with many people who had no idea what I was really trying to say. Starting the trip, Jenna and I landed in Frankfurt. We spent about two days there. For those who have never been, Frankfurt is a busy, crowded city with NO parking what-so-ever. Our hotel only had two parking spots for its customers use, so we ended up parking at a train station (hauptbanhoft) about 5 blocks away and walking back. And during this walk back, we got lost and had to catch a cab to find our hotel. By the second day we were ready to get out of the concrete maze called Frankfurt. We packed everything into our Mercedes A-140 and drive an hour south to Hiedelburg. This was a much more interesting place. The Hiedelburg Castel overlooks the city. And it was a much easier place to navigate. Soon I will be posting pictures on my Adventure page from this city, and the rest of my trip. My flight back was a painfully long 11 hours. At least airplane food is getting better. I ate better than I do at home! haha Check the site later this week for my best pics from this big adventure!

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