Sunday, December 21, 2008

46\52: Rise Above This
Originally uploaded by Thorpeland
Well its been a bit over a month since my last blog post. The weather outside is now cold, cloudy... blah. The lack of daylight is really putting a cramp on my photography. During the summer I enjoy getting out and shooting in the evening sun. But now, i get out of work at 5pm and its already almost dark! Im still chugging away on my 52 Week Project. This shot is my self portrait from week 46. We're just 5 days from Christmas now. Can't believe how fast the year has gone. Doesn't even really feel like it. This year Emily and I are heading out to her parents house in Odessa Texas for the big day. Should be fun since she has a large family and they'll all be there. I'll try to get more pics posted here on the blog and some more interesting, up to date information. Just not a lot going on right now.