Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Another N00b Down

Last night was the first game of my Mens A division season. Our first match was against a team who had just won the B division championship and has been promoted to A. Losing to them would be a bit humiliating so we had everything to play for. So far in the history of our team we were 2-0-1 against new teams coming into our league, playing in their first game. We didnt want to add our first loss to that record! At the starting whistle we were missing 3 of our better players, so we only had one sub and knew it would be a tough game. In the first half, the new team matched us goal for goal. Each time we put one in the net, they managed to find a way to score back. At half time it was 6-6, and although we were tired we could tell we were starting to wear them down. Sure enough, we began to score more freqently in the second half. As my team went on a 3 goal scoring streak, they failed to answer with a goal each time. One of those goals being my second of the night, off a right foot shot that was deflected by a defender into the corner and out of reach of their keeper. At the final whistle, the score was 11-6. We were happy with that score.

Monday, March 29, 2004

Rollin.... Again

Well just like we did almost a year ago, my place of work is rolling out more new PC's to another group of our users. So far its not going to bad. We burne thru the first building in one day. Not bad. We only have about 200 more PC's to go. Should be an interesting month.
Last week my friends and I gathered for another meeting of the Dinner Club. This time we chose a place a bit less extravegant. We met up at the Studio Movie Grill in Addison, Texas. Those that have never been, its a very cool place. It is a movie theater, where you sit at tables and order regular food while you watch the first run movies. We decided to see Starsky & Hutch. Man, what a funny movie! Dont worry, you dont have to remember the original show to enjoy the movie. We were all laughing our butts off. After the movie, half the group had to leave to make another event. Me, Therese, Eric, Craig and Becki headed out to Cafe Brazil for some good desserts and coffee. It was a great time had by all. We're now planning the next dinner club in April. Hopefully I'll be able to take pics at this one!

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Gentlemen.... Let's Peel Some Skin!!

For those that know me, they know I have 2 pets. Well... not like the ones you'd think of. They dont bark, meow, swim or cuddle on my lap for petting. They are hermit crabs. And while you think they are just crabs, you would be wrong. Krusty and Sideshow Bob each have their own distinct personalities. Although currently, they are going thru a rather traumatic crab process called "molting". Basically, once every few months the crabs grow and need to shed their exo-skeleton and grow a new one. Well right now they are both in mid-skin-shed. They are either burried or half burried in the sand in their aquarium. Krusty has half his bodies exo-skeleton worked off of his torso. I cant see Sideshow. He's dug himself into a deep hole. This is the first time ive had them when they have molted. According to crab experts, after the molting it complete the crabs will eat their exo-skeleton. Kinda gross... yes. But it has important nutrients for them. This will be an interesting process to watch. I'll be posting some pics soon!

Worth It?

So my friend MD tells me a funny story the the other day. He tells me about "back in the day" when he and the band he was playing in, needed a cheap place to live and practice. They found an apartment in a rough area of dallas for only $400 a month that they could all live in. He says to me, "ah, yes that is where I heard my very first drive by shooting". Geeze... hit the dirt! He goes on to tell me about a time where they were all sitting in the living room, when their drummer leans forward and peeks thru the front drapes. Then he says, "you guys gotta see this!". They all look out the window to see a guy standing in the grass of their apartments, firing a gun at someone across the street! I think that is where I would say, time to pack the bags and get out! Is it really worth the rent? haha I like the idea of safety in the places i live. Call me crazy! Anyhow, I found that story to be pretty interesting. Thanks Big MD!

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Not a Whole Lot

Well I have'nt blogged in about a week because nothing has happened! My indoor soccer team did lose our championship match. Oh well, there's always next season as the Cubs say. My hermitt crabs are both in full molting right now. Its kinda strange, Krusty looks like his body is falling off of him and out of the shell. What is actually happening is he's shedding his exo-skeleton and growing! Time to get him a bigger home I guess (bigger shell). Sideshow Bob is still burried under the sand, with his small airhole being the only view I have of him. I hope he's doing ok down there. Everynow and then I use the water bottle to spray some water down in on him.
This coming saturday, a bunch of us are playing paintball on a "speedball" course. Should be some fast and furious action! I'll try to take some good pictures, and even some video. Sunday, Brotha James comes down for a visit, trash talk and all. We'll see what he's got.
As for work, we've been in turbo mode getting ready for a second PC rollout. We also got approval to get our department renovated. So construction starts soon. Wooo Whoo.. new walls! haha Its going to be a crazy month or so ahead. To top it off, we've been told we are getting a 3% cost of living raise starting at the end of April. Not much, but hey i'll take it. So, not much this week going on but lots to write about in the coming weeks.

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Life on Jupiter

Im currently sitting in a new internet coffee house here in town called Jupiter Cafe. Pretty cool. This is my first time taking my laptop out to an internet cafe and logging on. Other than that I just use it to check my mail from the couch when im too lazy to walk over to my real pc. So, its sunday night and im off work monday. My buddy James was supposed to drive down from wichita falls today but he called me last minute to tell me his dad had to go into the hospital. I hope he's ok. Well, I had already requested the day off work to spend with james so I thought why not go out tonight to Jupiter Cafe and chill with some live jazz music, a chai tea and my laptop. Fun times if you ask me!! Now, I knew it would be interesting to see how they have people connect to their WiFi network. They chick at the counter gives me my chai tea and then a user name and password. After about 15 minutes of wrestling with my laptop settings i finally figured out what i needed to do. I cant get my firewall to let me past their router so, i had to disable it. Yikes I know. Once I find their router IP and i can designate it as a trusted network and hopefully it will let me thru. The internet access here is really cheap. Its $2 for an hour or $5 for a day. Cant beat that eh? And the drinks are good too! Funny thing... when i first couldnt get online, I asked the waitress as she was walking by if she had seen people having this log on problem before. She looked at my screen and as I looked back at her, she either rolls her own cigerettes or had a huge doobe hanging from her lips. Hhmmm.... a new meaning to the phrase "smoke'em if you gott'em". haha So Im up and running now and the first thing I thought id do is blog. Yeah, im cool. About 10 feet in front of me is a guy playing solo on guitar. Is playing some slow jazz number where he mumbles a few words ever 30 seconds or so. Its ok, he's decent.
Outdoor soccer was rained out again today. Blah. So to make up for the lack of physical activity, I hit the gym with a vengance to punish me for my lazyness. haha Ok just kidding, i just wanted to do something active during this rainy day. I ran almost 2 miles on the tread mill, did my 6 sets of 15 crunches on the inclined bench while holding a 15lb dumbell to my chest and then got on the stationary bike for a 10 minute hilly ride. I was beat. So its kinda nice to relax in here for a while. Ah, the good life. haha

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Deserved Beating?

Ya know some people just deserve a good a** kicking. Top of my list. Ryan Seacrest. Yes, gasp in disbelief. I was watching, I think its called Access Hollywood the other night. And they started to talk about the top "metro-sexuals" in Hollywood. First off, i hate that term and I'll rant about it a bit later. Anywho, they list Miss Seacrest as one of the top in the field. They went on to talk about his weekly grooming. He tans twice a week, gets his finger and toe-nails done, has his hair highlighted, has some type of mud body scrub done and something else i cant remember at this moment but sounded ridiculous. Ok, ANY man who does all this to look pretty just needs a good pummeling. There is no way I can have any respect for a guy who grooms himself like that. Its one thing to try to look sharp and look your best. But, c'mon!!! So, ive now concluded that the term "metro-sexual" simply means girly man to the highest degree. Let the butt kicking begin.

Losing Sunday

Well my outdoor soccer team falls 5-2 after a disasterous second half. Leading 2-0 at half time we had to go into the wind second half. They score 5 unanswered goals to kill us. Oh well. Later that evening my Ghost Recon team loses 2 close matches to teams we could have beat. They went down to the wire. Very exciting but still... a loss. On the up-note. Tonight (monday) we did bounce back by beating another team 5-1 in a best of 9 match. Perhaps my luck is turning up now?

Saturday, March 06, 2004

Saturday In Deep Ellum

So far, Saturday has been pretty eventful. A morning call from my buddy Craig and he, I and his girl Becki were off to Deep Ellum and a restaraunt called Crescent City Cafe. There we met up with two of their friends, who's names escape me at the moment. The place is a French/Cajun type cafe, nice atmosphere. If you ever go you MUST try the sandwhich called a Muffalata. Its on some type of toasted bread they bake there, with from what I could tell... ham, egg and some other stuff. It was very DELISH. Be sure to chose the half or quarter order. A full sandwhich is larger than most normal humans could consume. So I got the quarter order with a side bowl of crawfish etouffee. Good stuff! I was so full after just that. Then, came dessert. We got something called Beignets. They look like little hot pockets except no meat in them. Just a sweet bread dough that you sprinkle powdered sugar and pour a bit of syrup over. OOOOH... good! From there we went over to Fair Park and to the Dallas Science Museum. They were having an exhibit on terrorism and the whole 9/11 thing. They had some parts and pieces from the twin tower ruins and lots of pictures. Then they had a huge storyboard along the wall that explained how the drug bussiness fuels terrorism. I was just impressed that they had a real AK-47 there to show what the baddies like to use. I took some pictures. Perhaps I'll post them. Weeeelll.. more to come, im sure.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Lots of Time

Because of recent changes in my social surroundings, I now have lots of free time. Gee, what do I do with it all. Well ive learned that with all this time i can actually keep a clean apartment, catch up on reading, finish up countless projects, catch up on TV shows, rearrange my furniture and even clean ALL the lent out of my belly button. Wait, ignore that last one. (eeww) Several fun things are on the horizon for the near future. Soon comes the LAN party, a possible camp out, a visit from Brotha James and a paintball tourny. Should be fun stuff to share with all.

Monday, March 01, 2004

The Big Four-Zero

Well Happy Birthday to my buddy Roger. He turns 40 this coming weekend but we had a surprise party for him this last weekend. The party was organized by his sister Melissa. It was a total surprise to him when he came in the back door and we all yelled Happy Birthday!! I thought for sure he was going to have a heart attack and fall over. The party was a blast, with about 20 people attending. The pictures are up on my site so all can view the celebration. I have to give a "shout out" to my bud's at the party that I had a blast with. Jimmy, Cliff, Brad, Jill, Katy and Melissa it was great to see you all again. I look forward to next time!