Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Another N00b Down

Last night was the first game of my Mens A division season. Our first match was against a team who had just won the B division championship and has been promoted to A. Losing to them would be a bit humiliating so we had everything to play for. So far in the history of our team we were 2-0-1 against new teams coming into our league, playing in their first game. We didnt want to add our first loss to that record! At the starting whistle we were missing 3 of our better players, so we only had one sub and knew it would be a tough game. In the first half, the new team matched us goal for goal. Each time we put one in the net, they managed to find a way to score back. At half time it was 6-6, and although we were tired we could tell we were starting to wear them down. Sure enough, we began to score more freqently in the second half. As my team went on a 3 goal scoring streak, they failed to answer with a goal each time. One of those goals being my second of the night, off a right foot shot that was deflected by a defender into the corner and out of reach of their keeper. At the final whistle, the score was 11-6. We were happy with that score.

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