Sunday, March 14, 2004

Life on Jupiter

Im currently sitting in a new internet coffee house here in town called Jupiter Cafe. Pretty cool. This is my first time taking my laptop out to an internet cafe and logging on. Other than that I just use it to check my mail from the couch when im too lazy to walk over to my real pc. So, its sunday night and im off work monday. My buddy James was supposed to drive down from wichita falls today but he called me last minute to tell me his dad had to go into the hospital. I hope he's ok. Well, I had already requested the day off work to spend with james so I thought why not go out tonight to Jupiter Cafe and chill with some live jazz music, a chai tea and my laptop. Fun times if you ask me!! Now, I knew it would be interesting to see how they have people connect to their WiFi network. They chick at the counter gives me my chai tea and then a user name and password. After about 15 minutes of wrestling with my laptop settings i finally figured out what i needed to do. I cant get my firewall to let me past their router so, i had to disable it. Yikes I know. Once I find their router IP and i can designate it as a trusted network and hopefully it will let me thru. The internet access here is really cheap. Its $2 for an hour or $5 for a day. Cant beat that eh? And the drinks are good too! Funny thing... when i first couldnt get online, I asked the waitress as she was walking by if she had seen people having this log on problem before. She looked at my screen and as I looked back at her, she either rolls her own cigerettes or had a huge doobe hanging from her lips. Hhmmm.... a new meaning to the phrase "smoke'em if you gott'em". haha So Im up and running now and the first thing I thought id do is blog. Yeah, im cool. About 10 feet in front of me is a guy playing solo on guitar. Is playing some slow jazz number where he mumbles a few words ever 30 seconds or so. Its ok, he's decent.
Outdoor soccer was rained out again today. Blah. So to make up for the lack of physical activity, I hit the gym with a vengance to punish me for my lazyness. haha Ok just kidding, i just wanted to do something active during this rainy day. I ran almost 2 miles on the tread mill, did my 6 sets of 15 crunches on the inclined bench while holding a 15lb dumbell to my chest and then got on the stationary bike for a 10 minute hilly ride. I was beat. So its kinda nice to relax in here for a while. Ah, the good life. haha

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