Thursday, March 25, 2004

Worth It?

So my friend MD tells me a funny story the the other day. He tells me about "back in the day" when he and the band he was playing in, needed a cheap place to live and practice. They found an apartment in a rough area of dallas for only $400 a month that they could all live in. He says to me, "ah, yes that is where I heard my very first drive by shooting". Geeze... hit the dirt! He goes on to tell me about a time where they were all sitting in the living room, when their drummer leans forward and peeks thru the front drapes. Then he says, "you guys gotta see this!". They all look out the window to see a guy standing in the grass of their apartments, firing a gun at someone across the street! I think that is where I would say, time to pack the bags and get out! Is it really worth the rent? haha I like the idea of safety in the places i live. Call me crazy! Anyhow, I found that story to be pretty interesting. Thanks Big MD!

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