Monday, March 29, 2004

Rollin.... Again

Well just like we did almost a year ago, my place of work is rolling out more new PC's to another group of our users. So far its not going to bad. We burne thru the first building in one day. Not bad. We only have about 200 more PC's to go. Should be an interesting month.
Last week my friends and I gathered for another meeting of the Dinner Club. This time we chose a place a bit less extravegant. We met up at the Studio Movie Grill in Addison, Texas. Those that have never been, its a very cool place. It is a movie theater, where you sit at tables and order regular food while you watch the first run movies. We decided to see Starsky & Hutch. Man, what a funny movie! Dont worry, you dont have to remember the original show to enjoy the movie. We were all laughing our butts off. After the movie, half the group had to leave to make another event. Me, Therese, Eric, Craig and Becki headed out to Cafe Brazil for some good desserts and coffee. It was a great time had by all. We're now planning the next dinner club in April. Hopefully I'll be able to take pics at this one!

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