Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Not a Whole Lot

Well I have'nt blogged in about a week because nothing has happened! My indoor soccer team did lose our championship match. Oh well, there's always next season as the Cubs say. My hermitt crabs are both in full molting right now. Its kinda strange, Krusty looks like his body is falling off of him and out of the shell. What is actually happening is he's shedding his exo-skeleton and growing! Time to get him a bigger home I guess (bigger shell). Sideshow Bob is still burried under the sand, with his small airhole being the only view I have of him. I hope he's doing ok down there. Everynow and then I use the water bottle to spray some water down in on him.
This coming saturday, a bunch of us are playing paintball on a "speedball" course. Should be some fast and furious action! I'll try to take some good pictures, and even some video. Sunday, Brotha James comes down for a visit, trash talk and all. We'll see what he's got.
As for work, we've been in turbo mode getting ready for a second PC rollout. We also got approval to get our department renovated. So construction starts soon. Wooo Whoo.. new walls! haha Its going to be a crazy month or so ahead. To top it off, we've been told we are getting a 3% cost of living raise starting at the end of April. Not much, but hey i'll take it. So, not much this week going on but lots to write about in the coming weeks.

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