Saturday, March 06, 2004

Saturday In Deep Ellum

So far, Saturday has been pretty eventful. A morning call from my buddy Craig and he, I and his girl Becki were off to Deep Ellum and a restaraunt called Crescent City Cafe. There we met up with two of their friends, who's names escape me at the moment. The place is a French/Cajun type cafe, nice atmosphere. If you ever go you MUST try the sandwhich called a Muffalata. Its on some type of toasted bread they bake there, with from what I could tell... ham, egg and some other stuff. It was very DELISH. Be sure to chose the half or quarter order. A full sandwhich is larger than most normal humans could consume. So I got the quarter order with a side bowl of crawfish etouffee. Good stuff! I was so full after just that. Then, came dessert. We got something called Beignets. They look like little hot pockets except no meat in them. Just a sweet bread dough that you sprinkle powdered sugar and pour a bit of syrup over. OOOOH... good! From there we went over to Fair Park and to the Dallas Science Museum. They were having an exhibit on terrorism and the whole 9/11 thing. They had some parts and pieces from the twin tower ruins and lots of pictures. Then they had a huge storyboard along the wall that explained how the drug bussiness fuels terrorism. I was just impressed that they had a real AK-47 there to show what the baddies like to use. I took some pictures. Perhaps I'll post them. Weeeelll.. more to come, im sure.

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