Thursday, June 26, 2003

Evening Caller

Let me replay a scenario for you. Its Wednesday night. Im laying in bed, sound asleep. The phone rings. My eyes open and i roll over to look at the clock. It says 3:30AM!! Of course Im not getting up to answer it, so I lay there and wait for the machine to pick up. It does and suddenly I hear the strained, drunken voice of my friend Dan in California. Being that its 1:30AM there, he's probably out drinking with some buddies and thought he'd call me to say hello. Actually what he said when calling was unintelligable, even after listening to the message 3 times. All I could make out was, "Thorpe! I do think its.......... son of a........ where's my...." click. So Dan, if you read this, try to speak in complete sentences next time you call me, drunk, in the middle of the night. Thank you. :)
On another note, while building my mom's new PC so she can work at home, I got her a nice large 19 inch flat screen CRT monitor. Since her PC is not ready yet, I went ahead and set up the monitor on my own computer... you know, for quality assurance purposes only of course. Well, Im hooked. It looks so much better than my tiny 17 inch monitors. So ive decided to keep that one and just pick her up another one. Its well worth the crystal clear image and the larger details. Not to mention, games look incredible!
Before Im done I want to give kudos to my friend Craig. He went an entire co-op game of Ghost Recon WITHOUT firing one round of hot lead in to me... his own teamate. Well done Private!! Although, his virtual war campaign wasn't completly error free. While clearing a small 3 room building of rebels in a remote area of Ethiopia, Craig (Bravo Zulu), did manage to fire his M203 grenade launcher in to the wall at point blank range, killing us both. DOH!

Sunday, June 22, 2003

That's Gump... Forrest Gump

Tonight on of the guys from one of my soccer teams threw a cook out and ping pong tournament. I dug thru my boxes and found my "battle paddle". It was time to show my pong skills. I handnt played in a couple years so i knew i would be rusty. Boy was that an understatement. I did ok, but not what im capable of. My curves were off, my spins were sloppy. I must avenge my losses. Gregg.... I will avenge!!! But it was a lot of fun, even though i couldn't win.

Friday, June 20, 2003


Well I will have to say the water park was a blast. They have 4 water slides, a kids play area pool, 2 indoor pools and a "lazy river", which lets you take an inner tube in and just float down. I had forgotten how fun it is to shoot down a tube and out into a pool at 30 MPH! Now, its no Hurricane Harbor. But if you just want somewhere local to go and have a lot of fun in the water, the Denton Water Park is worth it.

Thursday, June 19, 2003

Auction Sweat

Every year my place of employment holds an auction to get rid of old (busted up) computers and equipment. Of course on the one day when we have to load it up and take it to the place the auction is held, its 100 degrees out. So there I am in my work slacks and shirt, loading and unloading PC's, printers and other tech junk onto pallets. Needless to say, I'm gushing sweat. My shirt was soaked. My pants were sticking to me. Not fun I tell ya. As a bit of consolation, I am going up to the new Water Park here in town. It has water slides, a wave pool and a river you can take a tube down. That should help me forget all about the pain i have suffered today.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Heads Up!

New pics are up in the friends section. The newest pictures up were taken at a dinner outing I had with a few good friends and that dinner i mentioned earlier here at La Hacienda. Also, coming soon: a MUCH better streaming web cam that will run directly on Thorpeland! After Earthlink switched its free streaming web cam software to a very scaled down version in an attempt to force everyone to their pay model, I went on the hunt for a better option. Well, I found it and will be working on getting it up and running over the next couple days.

Monday, June 09, 2003

Danny Boy

Today is Monday and my friend Dan's last day of vacation. Which means his last day visiting Texas. These past 9 days have flown by. Im sure it seems even shorter to him, being its his vacation from work. How nice of him to take his entire vacation in Texas, rather than go to a true vacation spot. While here, we went out to eat a lot, saw a movie and generally just hung out. He got to play as a guest player for the Honda coed soccer team. For the first time in his soccer playing life, he scored 3 goals. He now truly believes he is David Beckham (professional player). haha As soon as I stop being lazy, I will post pic's of he and the rest of my friends. So, today is Dan's last day. See you next trip out, Danny boy. And the answer is still NO, I will not provide you with gay love when no one is looking. Dude, thats sick.

Thursday, June 05, 2003


For anyone who has ever eaten at the restaraunt La Hacienda, they know the true meaning of "stuffed". It's a big tex-mex place, with several locations around the dallas area. I highly recommend the fajitas. I was'nt even a tex-mex fan until I tried this dish. It has since converted me. Anyhow, last night me, dan, craig, ziggy and our friend phil and his wife jenny all met up there and ate more food than any human should safely do. It was a lot of fun. Especially since I rarely get to see most of them because everyone lives so spread apart. I took some pictures and will try to get them up soon!