Monday, June 09, 2003

Danny Boy

Today is Monday and my friend Dan's last day of vacation. Which means his last day visiting Texas. These past 9 days have flown by. Im sure it seems even shorter to him, being its his vacation from work. How nice of him to take his entire vacation in Texas, rather than go to a true vacation spot. While here, we went out to eat a lot, saw a movie and generally just hung out. He got to play as a guest player for the Honda coed soccer team. For the first time in his soccer playing life, he scored 3 goals. He now truly believes he is David Beckham (professional player). haha As soon as I stop being lazy, I will post pic's of he and the rest of my friends. So, today is Dan's last day. See you next trip out, Danny boy. And the answer is still NO, I will not provide you with gay love when no one is looking. Dude, thats sick.

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