Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Amazing Z!

If I hadn't posted a picture already, this is Zita... our puppy. She's a one and a half year old heeler mix and is a very good puppy. She loves to play, run, bark, get a good petting and play tug of war. We take her to the local dog park often and on frequent walks in the neighborhood. Here, she sits with one of her favorite backyard toys... her broom head. Odd, yes. Zita, or "Z" as we often call her has also been nicknamed "Dogdini", an off-shoot of the great escape artist Houdini. Every time she finds a way to get out, we block it and she starts working on another method. I keep expecting to find a tunnel that goes under the house and comes out in the street. Or, a catapult built from her toys in the backyard. She's a smart one! But she's a great dog to have around!