Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Deserved Beating?

Ya know some people just deserve a good a** kicking. Top of my list. Ryan Seacrest. Yes, gasp in disbelief. I was watching, I think its called Access Hollywood the other night. And they started to talk about the top "metro-sexuals" in Hollywood. First off, i hate that term and I'll rant about it a bit later. Anywho, they list Miss Seacrest as one of the top in the field. They went on to talk about his weekly grooming. He tans twice a week, gets his finger and toe-nails done, has his hair highlighted, has some type of mud body scrub done and something else i cant remember at this moment but sounded ridiculous. Ok, ANY man who does all this to look pretty just needs a good pummeling. There is no way I can have any respect for a guy who grooms himself like that. Its one thing to try to look sharp and look your best. But, c'mon!!! So, ive now concluded that the term "metro-sexual" simply means girly man to the highest degree. Let the butt kicking begin.

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