Sunday, April 04, 2004


Another episode of Dinner Club as come and gone. This was a fun one as we all headed into Dallas for a evening of delicious Greek food! In attendance were good bud's Therese (yes she made one!), Becca (no longer a DC virgin), Craig, Becki and myself. The evening started off quite interesting and could have been disasterous! While driving over to my place Therese and Becca almost hit a guy standing in the middle of the highway off ramp! He was just standing there, in the middle of the lane, starring straight forward. They hit the breaks, avoiding flattening him. Becca, being Becca... jumped out of the car to see what his problem was and why he refused to move. Meanwhile, in the safety of the car, Therese frantically dialed 911. The guy tells Becca he recently had a car accident and while in the hospital, no one came to see him and now he just wanted to die. So, this was his chosen way to go. Stand in the middle of the road and let a car do the job. A short time later, the cops showed up and cuffed & stuffed him. Therese and Becca arrived at my place safe but a bit rattled. At first I was afraid that was going to ruin the evening. But after they had a couple drinks at the bar, all was good again. haha Once in the restaraunt, called Opa!, things settled back to normal. The food was great. It seemed like it had been mellowed out a bit from its original Greek recipes, but still very tasty. We all left the place totally stuffed and met up at another Cafe Brazil in North Dallas to talk and have drinks. This is where I found a new favorite coffee; Tiramisu (spelling?) flavored. Awesome stuff! Tastes just like the Italian dessert. Somehow our conversation of the night turned to the Waco Texas Standoff which happened back in 1995 or somewhere around then. The debate seemed to center around who was at fault for the event ending fire and gunbattle, the government or the cult in their compound. On my left!! (in my best announcer voice) We have Becca, who blames the US Government for just about everything from the death of the cult members to the sky being blue. And on my right! Craig, who claims the ATF/FBI did things right and by the book and the deaths were not their fault. Despite overwhelming evidence against her, Becca stood by her guns. I'll give her credit for that, even when her defense looked weak. My interest in the arguement faded in and out. I needed more coffee. Overall, a great evening. You missed out E.V.P.!!

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