Monday, April 19, 2004

More the Merrier

Im sure all you avid Thorpeland Blog readers remember the Death of Krusty. It was a tragic and sadening event inwhich thousands attended the funeral. Well this past weekend, the Great Krusty's shoes were filled just a little bit with the arrival of 2 new Hermies! They've been named Moe and Barney and they seem to be bonding quickly with Sideshow Bob. The three of them are always in the same area of the crabitat, huddled together. I may even be getting them some more buddies soon. I really need to get some pics up of these guys. They are very interesting to watch.
On a completely different note, this past weekend was a blast. Friday night a group of us headed out to see the movie, "The Girl Next Door". I was really surprised as to how funny it ended up being. We all had a lot of fun.

But Saturday night is where things got interesting. It started out with about 6 of us hanging out at the Loop Hole, a local bar. The drinking began. (oh boy) Then we decided to go partake in what was called "Cosmic Bowl" at the local bowling alley. This is where they turn out the lights, turn on black lights and blast rock music while you bowl. This was seriously fun. I had not bowled in about 3 years at least! I have to EVP credit, even half drunk the guy can bowl the lights out (no pun intended). He beat me by just a few pins each game. DOH! Dont worry EVP.... I'll be back for revenge!!! Words to the rest of our gang; Cheryl remember, throw the bowling ball forwards not backwards! Therese... just give up bowling. Bryan, not bad dude you were right up there with me and EVP! Becca, I never thought you had the guns to throw a 15 pound ball all that way! hahahaha Emily, you had some mad bowling skills going on. I think you beat your team in each game. Good job! All in all it was a fun night to remember.

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