Saturday, April 10, 2004

An Educational Day

So today our big PC rollout moved into the Criminal Investigations Lab of the PD. Facinating stuff I tell ya. I noticed the lab tech working with finger prints on his computer screen. Just out of curiosity, I asked him how he gets them scanned into a digital format to examine on the PC. He leaves the room for a second and comes back with a baseball bat thats wrapped in duct tape. He says to follow him. We go back into a small room where he hands me a set of orange goggles. He turns out the lights in the room and turns on some type of super high intensity blue light. Then he holds the bat under this light. Suddenly, fingerprints appear on the bat! I asked him if its the light causing this? He says, first he lets super glue fumes coat the bat, the fumes stick to the finger prints and allow the light to see them. Thats just so cool!

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