Sunday, September 29, 2002

Competition Sunday

Today is pretty much a day of some type of competition. Ive done a bit more of that editing thing on Premiere. But the majority has been watching NFL games, killing people in various types of mutiplayer online games and getting ready for my soccer game tonight. Which the league has so nicely put at 10:30pm. These late games are never all that fun. Especially when they put us on the Sunday match. This is my teams last game going into the championship match. We have a 7-0 record and are playing the 3rd place team tonight. Id like for us to beat them and go into the final undefeated. If we lose, i wont feel good about facing a tough second place team in the championship game next week. CRAP!! Im watching the NFL game highlights. The Bills just scored an overtime touchdown to beat my Bears. That is.... upsetting.
Why is it the Ken Burn Civil War series is so hypnotic to watch? Bummed that my team lost, I changed channel and stoped on this historical series. Now, I cant touch the remote!
WOOO WHOOOO! Just got in from my late night soccer game. The other team didnt have enough players to start. We won by default. As ugly as that is, it gives us a perfect 8-0 regular season record. In just over a week we face our the second place team in the finals. Even though the league champion only wins a T-shirt saying "Champion", i'll take it! I can always use a new T-shirt.

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