Saturday, September 28, 2002

Saturday Night not-Live

Today wasnt the most action packed day of my life. It started out with so much potential, then took a real potential killing turn. Nine A.M. im up and being a productive member of society. Cleaning my apartment, working on projects ive put off... then i figure i'll take a break and watch some TV. That was the mistake. I lay down on the couch with my drink. Next thing I know, Im waking up and its 3pm!! Being that I had told my parents I would stop by their place at 1pm, I went into turbo mode to get caught up. I was there by 4. Did a late bday celebration, at some good food and relaxed a bit. Now its just me on this not so live saturday night. On the upbeat side, i went out and bought a book on Adobe Premiere. Ive been wanting to learn that program. So ive spent the evening going thru the tutorials and editing some video. Pretty coolio. Yes, i lead the life of a Hollywood high roller i tell ya!

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