Sunday, November 30, 2003

Big D visits Big D

This past Tuesday night my old buddy and former roomate, Dan flew in to DFW for the holidays. Its always a blast when he's in town. Because everyone wants to see him while he's here, we have lots of gatherings with all our old friends. Ive been out with him pretty much each night since Tuesday. Its been a very fun 4 day weekend over the holidays. Last night we all met up at Dave & Busters in Frisco. Dan and I were there to meet up with 3 of his old buddies from high school. One of them insisted on drinking non-stop. Beers, shots, liqour... anything. Sure enough, an hour later he was in the Dave & Busters bathroom, sitting on the floor of a stall with his face laying on a toilet seat, puking his guts out. Gross, yes.... funny? Definatly! ha! It was just after that happened that a surprise guest showed up. Big man, Dustin. He also had a laugh at Dan's sickly friend on the restroom floor. We stayed till the place closed then headed back from distant Frisco. Getting back at almost 3am, I was beat. Contacts out, face first into my bed. Flatline.
On a different note, well a nerdy note, I set up whats called a Team Speak server yesterday. What this does is allows players in tactical type shooter games to put on a headset and communicate using voice during the game. Its very cool and Im excited to get a chance for me and my buds to put it to use in Ghost Recon on our next gaming night! Oh also while Dan was here I talked him into finally retiring his ancient and outdated PC at home. So we went online PC shopping for him, because I know where to get some great deals. When it was all said and done, we got him a rockin system. (Nerds pay attention, everyone else just move along.) When it comes in, his new box will have a ASUS 500mhz FSB MoBo with a 8X AGP slot, equiped with a 2.8 GHZ Athlon XP CPU. It has 512 MB of high speed DDR memory to help it fly thru most anything and a 128MB GeForce vid card to make gaming an unbelievable experience. All this with an 80GB hard drive strapped to it for storage space to spare running Windows XP Pro and for a total of $640. I think mikey likes. hehe

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