Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Almost There

My co-ed soccer team scored a big win last friday night with an 8-1 win. Also during our big win, my girlfriend Jenna got her first ever assist for a goal! She recieved the ball at the top left of the keepers penalty box. She spun to her right and fired a left footed shot which hit the wall just outside the net. The rebound came rolling right out to the penalty spot where another one of our girl players finished it off with a goal! I was very proud of her when she got the assist. This is her first soccer season ever so she's still learning.
On a totally different note, if you are into video editing on your PC and are looking for a cheap and easy video editing software suite... check out Microsoft Movie Maker 2.0. Its free to download from Microsofts site and is a MAJOR upgrade from the previous version. In a short amount of time you will be editing video clips, adding music and special effects. Then tell it what you want to use the video for, (the web, CD, LAN) and it will help you choose the correct format and compression. I had it pretty much mastered in 30 minutes.

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