Thursday, February 20, 2003

Are you there? ... Over.

Recently, my place of work issued us new work phones. Normally that would mean getting the cheapest cingular or nokia phone the vendor had just so we could communicate. This time though, they gave us those cool Motorala Nextel phones. These are the ones that have the walkie talkie button on the side. No more dialing a full number just to ask a simple question. Now i just highlight the guys name, and hit an alert button. In seconds i get a loud, "whats up?!" from my phone. Its pretty cool. Our phones have that rubber, shock absorbing coating on them and a rugged outdoors yellow face. I asked the boss if we would be getting the matching Hummer H2's to go with the phones. All i got was a blank stare. I'll take that as a No.
Earlier this week I decided to use a few comp hours I had accrued thru work and take Monday and Tuesday off work. It was nice to just relax and get caught up on a few projects ive been working on at home. On Tuesday I went out to lunch with my buddy Chris. He's recently fallen on hard times in the work department and tells me he has decided to return to his home town in South Texas to save some money and finish his degree. Although I was a little bummed to hear he is moving, he promised to move back up here in about a year. Which will be cool. Until then i figure that will give me the excuse to drive to South Texas and get the beach/Gulf of Mexico tour from a local's view. Chris is not only a good friend of mine but a fierce competitor in Medal of Honor. Now how many friends do you have that will let you fire round after round of red hot lead into their back and then laugh and have lunch with you the next day? Hey, what are friends for! haha

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