Monday, August 30, 2004

The Return of the King!

Ok, maybe not "the King", but me at least. haha After a nice vacation from work... Im back. Its Monday morning and Im at my desk being the good little employee that I am. Now, its time to get caught up on everything I missed last week. Shouldn't be too tough.

My vacation ended quietly last night. No big weekend adventures, no exciting events. Just sat at home with Emily and watched the closing Olympic ceremonies. Woo whooo! Exciting. haha The weather for my vactation was great. Sunny and clear almost every day. And I dont know what happened to the summer here in Texas, but its, well.... gone. The 100+ temps seem to have drifted away and been replaced by high 80's and low 90's. Which is bad for jetskiing on the lake but good for every other activity here. Oh well, time to get back in the groove of everday life. At least I had a good hike in the mountains early last week and I got a lot done on my time off. I'll update more when I have more exciting things to say.

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