Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Its Official!!

As of Friday, March 25th I am a new homeowner! After months of watching the construction and then signing a sky high stack of papers, the house is mine. Good bye apartment. Good bye paying overpriced rent. Good bye noisy neighbors and their dogs. Good bye having to park a mile from my door when I come home late. Hello tons of space and front door parking! Ah yes, these are good times.


Anonymous said...

All right! Congratulations!

P.S. Now you'll just have to deal with noisy neighbors, home repairs, mowing the lawn, home improvements and unpacking!

But it's fun!

Anonymous said...

Hello lawn mower, hello tools, hello broadcast spreader and weed eater. Goodbye hot chics at the pool, goodbye workout room and club house, goodbye hot single neighbors in need of a computer technician.

Congratulations! Hello pets.

Anonymous said...

Mi amigo Thorpe, FELICIDADES!!!
I am glad for you man, enjoy your new house...and don't forget about your poor friends now...ha,ha!! ;-)
Wish you the best!!!
I love this idea of yours of Thorpeland!!! You are brillante!!!
See Ya'