Saturday, May 14, 2005

Getting Settled In

Its hard to believe i've now been in my house for almost a month and a half already! In such a short time ive accomplished a lot of my small goals I set when moving in. Ive installed a ceiling fan in the living room. Ive bought a new large computer desk for the office room, so I can now have space to work and repair PC's. Ive installed a motion detecting light on my front porch. Ive set up a wireless network inside for all my computers. So much done but the list keeps growing.

I actually had to mow my lawn for the first time last weekend. A week later, its grown back up and time to mow again. Thats good though because for quite sometime it was looking pretty dead. After spreading some fertilizer and watering regularly, it really came to life! I have a respectable lawn now. :)

Oh! Big news! Two weeks ago, I entered a local photography contest. Photo's had to be taken in my city within the past year. After the deadline passed and the photo's were judged, I won 1st place in the Nature catagory. Woo Whooo! My first accomplishment in photography. It was small but I thought it was pretty darn cool. Just another reason I bought the Canon Digital Rebel... great looking photo's!

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Anonymous said...

Hey man! Congrats! Now post the picture so we can see it!