Sunday, August 06, 2006

Ive Got the Touch!

At least this past Friday night I did, while playing in my co-ed soccer teams season opener. A bit of history which let up to this big game. Four of our top players from last seasons championship team, defected to the team we met in that final game. A team who was already very skilled and could have beaten us. Now, they had these four players from our team and were set to get an easy win in this first game. During warm-up's my teammate Gregg really boosted confidence by saying "Im dreading this game. We're gonna get killed!". Have some faith in us Greggy! I thought we had a chance, but it was going to be very tough to win. So the game starts and within the first five minutes, they are up 2-0. I then sub in for one of our guys, but the other team didn't see me come onto the field, so no one marked up to defend me. We had a corner kick and my teammate saw me come onto the field. He gave me a great pass and I hit a perfect left foot rocket of a shot into the far upper right corner of the goal. 2-1. This turned the entire game. A couple minutes later, I get the ball in the left corner and hit a perfect pass to Brittney, who volley's the ball into the net at close range for a nice 2 point girl goal. In the second half I stole the ball from their keeper just outside the goal box and shot it into the corner above a defenders head. Then, a few minutes later, I picked off a bad pass and had a break away. But at mid-field I noticed their goalie was way out of his goal box. I lobbed it high into the air and into the open net as he dived in vain to get to it. The buzzer sounds finally and we win it 6-4. I had 3 goals and an assist to a girl for her 2 points. With our toughest oppenent out of the way, we can now focus on the weaker teams and building up some points in the standings. We're off to a great start!

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