Saturday, February 03, 2007

Recent Humor

Yesterday it snowed. When I saw it snowing, I sent a text message to my friend Craig. His reply, gave me a laugh for the day.

Me: Its snowing!!

Craig: Quick -- gravel angels!
Craig: The shards of glass and jagged chunks of gravel embedded
in my bloody skin cannot dampen the joy I receive from such simple
childhood pleasures. However, my "gravel angels" do more resemble "the
hideous aftermath of a man flailing chaotically in pain," and have
scared off several children.

Me: Riiiiiight

1 comment:

organicman said...

Well, I don't know much about gravel angels or blogging or snow (This is Texas ya know) but I do know that Tim Calllishaw of The Dallas News has a formula for picking Superbowl winners. It has been right 20 of the last 23 Superbowls. Chicago is an overwhelming favorite. They might as well be playing my old highschool Woodrow Wilson. I wanna see that Superbowl shuffle.