Sunday, October 09, 2011


Dismount! by Thorpeland
Dismount!, a photo by Thorpeland on Flickr.

Each August Denton hosts the North Texas State Fair. While not much of a cowboy & rodeo person... I still enjoy this event from a photographers standpoint. Because it's a smaller event and venue than the huge State Fair of Texas, I can get incredibly good access for taking photos. It makes shooting action photos of the calf roping events really fun and allows me to capture the speed and power of the animals involved. This is also an excellent venue to hone camera skills, as the lighting in the area is horrible. So you really have to have a firm grasp of your camera's abilities and functions to come home with a usable photo. This years was another fun event and I got to spend the evening with a bunch of other photographer friends. Can't beat that!

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