Friday, April 05, 2013

The Comeback Kid

The Comeback Kid by Thorpeland
The Comeback Kid, a photo by Thorpeland on Flickr.

Life in Texas often brings quite a few mild days during the winter. Forget the heavy coats and snow boots. Just throw on a long sleeve shirt and some jeans and you'll be fine. My friend Rocky and I took advantage of one such nice February day to head out on a photo drive and create some fun and interesting photos.

This was an especially fun day for Rocky. About a year ago he had to sell a majority of his camera gear to help pay for school. Not being able to get out and shoot for so many months left him missing the days of driving down dirt roads looking for a great photo opportunity. Well he got that opportunity when I upgraded one of my camera's. Rocky immediately expressed interest in buying it and getting back in the game!

While at one of our photo stops, I asked him to pose in this hay field gate for a portrait. I jokingly said "this is your comeback portrait". But, I feel it really represents his return to photography and the adventure that comes with it.

Welcome back Rocky!

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