Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Countdown to Victory!

Well almost. Last night my girlfriend Jenna and I decided to buy tickets for a Dallas Star's ice hockey game. Now, there are two ways to do this. The first way is the chump way. You can contact the Star's box office and severly lighten you wallet as you pay a hefty price for a not so hot seat (a.k.a. - nosebleed). Or, there is the second method... hit Ebay and click your way to bargain goodness! And thats what I did. In the first auction, I was bidding on a pair of tickets on the 6th row, right at mid-ice. Now, this is prime "stray puck to the teeth" area, so i knew quite a few people would be bidding for them. I was correct. I lost the bidding in the last seconds. No problem. I had already located my second set of tickets to bid on. They were located in about the 15th row, behind the Star's defensive goal. Still pretty darned good seats! We then noticed there were no bid's yet on these tickets, and it had the option to "Buy Now" at a set price. Still $20 lower per ticket than the box office price. I grabbed them fast! I will be meeting the guy tonight to get the tickets and Wednesday night I'll be wearing my Blackhawks jersey, watching the game from some sweet seats. Oh yeah.

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