Friday, March 21, 2003

Fireworks (Power)

Today at work we crowded around my computer monitor to watch a live web stream of the bombing of Bagdad. It was pretty incredible to watch, if you missed it or the 1000 or so replays on the nightly news. It sounds like a thunderstorm except for the massive explosions rising out of the city. They keep using the most annoying term to describe the big attack, "Shock and Aw." If I hear that term one more time im going to scream. That is the stupidest name for a large scale military attack ive ever heard of. I had just explained this opinion to my co-workers huddled around my computer watching, when suddenly another co-worker enters our room and says calmly to us, "hey guys, shock and aw has started." Yes, i wanted to scream.

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