Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Another Late Update

Wow, im really getting lazy about these updates! I was just sitting here at work, and I thought... uh-oh, I havent updated the Thorpeblog in a log time!! So here I am, trying to write in a few quick things before lunch. Lets see, whats been going on? Oh yeah, my buddy Dan flew into town from LA for a family get together. I didnt get to see him much, but while he was here me, Drew and him met up at one of our favorite restaurants, La Hacienda. For those that do not know what La Hacienda is... your missing out! Its a "Tex-Mex" place that makes fajitas that are unbelievable. Im getting hungery just typing about it. Im not sure how many there are around the USA, but there are at least 3 I know of in the Dallas area alone. Needless to say, we stuffed ourselves. Funny thing, Drew has a thing for their salsa dip. So we get our bowl of tortilla chips and he burns thru 4 bowls of the stuff! The waitress gives him a bowl sealed in a to-go bag. But after he finishes his meal and the 4 bowls of the salsa he already had... he opens the bag and digs into the to-go salsa. Crazy I tell ya. haha
Also, a Texas rarity, we got hit by a "snow storm" last saturday. It was kinda neat. Reminded me of my days in Chicagoland. Although we only got about 6 inches of the white stuff, the news and weather stations here were acting like it was practically the end of the world. Talking about how to drive safe, stay warm, care for you pets and plants, how to walk in it.... it was hilarious. Drew and I were joking about how up north the weather man would have said, "... and this morning we got a little snow, looks nice out... Now on to sports." But here our weather man devotes the entire day to "Snow Storm Coverage". Too funny. Well gotta run and do some work. More to come.

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