Thursday, February 05, 2004

A Late Update

Yeah, yeah... so it's Thursday and im doing a last weekend recap. So sue me. haha Last saturday the Dinner Club met again. This time it was off to Addison for some Mongolian Barbeque. For those that have never been to Ghengis Grill, its quite an experience! First you go thru this buffett like area full of raw beef, chicken, pork and tofu. (blah!) Then you pile veggies, stir fry mixes, seasonings and tons of other stuff into your stainless steel bowl. From there you head over and get in line around what looks like a giant, round, steel table. Probably about 10 feet in diameter. Once there, they take your bowl from you, plop it upside down on this hot steel surface and begin to beat and mix it with a pair of sticks. When your meat or tofu (blah!) is fully cooked and your veggies are done, they use the sticks and scrape it back off into a new bowl. You then get to choose between steamed or fried rice and your back off to your table. To say this food is delicious would be the understatement of the year. Its all you can eat so if you finish your first bowl, its back up for more. And if your food sucks, its your own fault... you created it. Normally im good for about 4 bowls. But this time i was tapping out after 2 large bowls. Most everyone made it to at least their second bowl. Dinner Club members in attendance were Val, me, Mandy, Therese, Craig, Becki, Cheryl and Mike. We had a really good time. Funny thing. After we left Ghengis Grill we went next door to a store called Condom Sense. We thought it would be a good laugh. Oh, it was. As i walked in, I expected to see a store that mainly sold different types of condoms. Kinda boring if you ask me. But nooooooooo. Not this place! They had a small corner dedicated to condoms. The rest of the store had every type of sex device, aid, contraption, pump, crutch, tool, assistant.... whatever. There was even a life sized sex doll for like $800!! I really feel sorry for anyone who forks out money for something like that. hahaha We walked thru the isles laughing and making jokes at just about every device we saw. It was a hoot. Just like us, most people in there were doing the same thing. Not shopping, just there after eating and having a chuckle. Sad thing was, there was this guy walking around there. Probably mid 40's. He was in the corner and carrying something he had picked up to buy. He was asking the girl working there all these serioius questions about different stuff. It was actually kinda creepy. Geeze buddy, just get it off the internet. Well, after about 30 minutes of looking around we all left. I was so full I was useless the rest of the night. Went straight home and fell asleep.
Saturday was also the first practice for my outdoor soccer team. I arrive at the fields and it is COLD! With temps in the upper 30's, low 40's and wind gusts of 30 mph... i knew it was going to be a tough practice. We were scrimmaging another team that would be in our division. So this would be a good judge of where we stood in our league. Although none of us on our team knew eachother, we had never played together before and we played sloppy... we managed to beat the other team like 4 or 5 to 0. Good showing id say. They didnt even manage to get a good shot off on our goal. After the scrimmage, the entire frozen team all decided to meet up at the local Hooters restaraunt. Once there everyone got to start talking and getting to know eachother. I didnt eat because I knew we were going to Ghengis Grill that night. (yes i know these events are backwards) :) The team ordere a platter of 50 hotwings. Ive never seen chicken wings turn to a pile of bones so fast. Wow.
Sunday was another fun day as RSi ( was competing in Mission 4 of the Azzcup Ghost Recon tournament. I was originally in the reserve pool but as the insertion time neared I was called to duty. I was briefed on the mission intel, voice comms were configured, fire team load-outs were decided and then we waited for the go command. The only thing we knew so far was it was a night time insertion into a Georgian (Russian province) rebel controled area. We were to rescue a hostage from a castle compound and assasinate their leader, then get to the EZ. The tournament isnt over, so I cant talk about what happend or our final score... yet. I have to wait until all teams have finished the final round. But i will just say, things went surprisingly well. :) Check back for a detailed update soon. (If you care)

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