Thursday, January 29, 2004

What a Battle!

Well my Thursday night soccer team finished the regular season in fourth place. This got us into the playoffs, barely. Our first round match was against the first place team. If we beat them, we are in the final against the winner of the 2nd and 3rd place game. We battle hard early in the first half. Later in the half, I get the ball on the left side. A quick shot fake, I cut it inside and fire off a right footed shot that slides right into the lower left corner of the net. Goal! Seconds ticking away in the half. One of our guys is down in the corner fighting for the ball on the offensive end. He blasts it into the corner and it comes out to me right at the top of the goalie box. I hit it with a one touch, left foot shot. Goal!! Again in the lower left corner. The buzzer goes off and we are all pumped up. We are beating the first place team. They are stunned and silent. Second half starts and they come out very aggressive. Before we know it, they go on a 4 goal scoring streak! We are down 4-2. But we arent done yet. Collin and another one of our guys (cant remember his name off-hand) score 2 goals. We are tied and back in it! Then we commit a foul near our goal just outside the goal box. We set up a poor defensive wall and they shoot one in. 5-4, them. We pound away at their defense getting so close each try. The clock is ticking down fast. With just seconds left... they score on another free kick. 6-4... final whistle blows. We are on to the consolation 3rd place game next thursday and they are in the final. Oh well, we gave the top seeded team a scare. They expected an easy match against the lowest ranked team in the playoffs and instead almost got beat.

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