Saturday, January 03, 2004

Just Too Funny

About 8 months ago I broke up with the girl I was dating at the time cause things just were'nt right. She didn't get it but I knew I was doing the right thing. So, all these months have passed and I thought id go to her personal web page to read her "whats going on now" page to see how she's doing and how her holidays were. I was surprised to see one immature posting after another immature posting... as resent as this week, making bashes directly pointed at me. And that... is just too funny! Most normal people are able to look back months later on an ended relationship and say to themselves, "yeah, it was for the best it ended". But not her. She continues to make it a point to live in the past and vent her still fuming anger at me, in each of her posts. Well Jenna, if you visit the page and read this post. I only have one thing to say directly to you. GET OVER IT. MOVE ON. There, its out of my system. :)

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