Friday, January 16, 2004

Mix'n Match

Thursday night is one of my two soccer nights. This teams game are all in Dallas, so its a bit of a drive for those late games. So this last Thursday I had a 10:30 pm game. I pack all my gear in my bag and head down to the indoor playing field. I get to the practice field, next to the game field, and sit down on the turf to begin stretching out and putting on my gear. I open my soccer back and find out I left my soccer shoes at home on the floor!! DOH! I ask my entire team if they have an extra pair of shoes I can borrow. Nothing. No one has anything extra. I wore Addidas sandals there, so I couldnt play in those! I then had an idea. I ran to the main building and went upstairs to the office. I asked the guy, "where's the lost and found". He points me to the room and I go to work. Its a huge pile of short, shirts, kids shoes, coolers, soccer balls and even a pair of underwear. (eww) Finally after digging for a bit, I find one size 10-1/2 New Balance cross trainer shoe. I set it aside. I keep digging. I then found a size 10 Addidas tennis shoe. So now i have a right and a left athletic shoe!! I throw them in my bad and hustle back the field. I put them on and my teammates hit the floor laughing. I look like a homeless guy that threw on whatever i found in the alley. HAHA! I played ok. The shoes really felt strange to play in. My touch was off and I had a hard time shooting in them. We did win the game 4-3 so i guess thats all that matters. Hopefully I'll never have to dig for free shoes again. Oh, and if you were wondering... I left the shoes on the bleachers so they would be returned to the lost and found.

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