Sunday, January 16, 2005

Abra Kadabra!

I got to see something really cool and fun last night. Emily bought tickets to magician David Copperfield for me her and her mom. The show started at 8:30 so around 5:30 we hopped in the car and headed south to Grandprarie, about 40 minutes away. We easily found the Nokia Live concert hall and went up to get in line outside. Once the doors opened, we had to kill a bit of time until they would let us to our seats. We found where we were to be sitting and got comfortable. It was a little high up to the left of the stage. But we could still see pretty good. To make sure, Emily and her mom brought some small binoculars to help us see.

At about 8:35, Mr. Copperfield took the stage. He made a very impressive entrance. His assistants rolled out a large box made of white sheets on all sides. They opened it up to show it was empty and spun it around on its wheels to show there were no openings on the back sides. Then, they held bright lights to be the backside of the box so you could see any sillouettes inside the box. All of a sudden, before our eyes, a shape appeared inside the box. Then you heard a loud engine roar up. Then the front sheet of the white box drops down and there is David Copperfield on a large Harley Davidson motorcycle. It was pretty cool.

The rest of the night, he did various tricks that defied explanation. He would pick people out of the crowd and pretty much read their minds. You would think he had arranged the people he picked from the crowd. But the way he picked them would make that almost impossible. He toook frisbees and thru them up high, randomly around the crowd. After they finished bouncing around all the grabbing hands, he asked the person who ended up with it to come onto the stage. He later made a a lady and then a group of people disapear. It was a very fun experience. I wish I could have taken pictures but they didnt allow cameras and it was too dark for my camera phone to get a good shot.

If you ever have a chance to see David Copperfield live, i'd say dont pass it up. It was a great time. The only advice I would give would to be get seats as close as you can. That way you can really see every move he makes on stage. Perpahs you will catch him on a slip up!

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You didn't mention the sushi incident!