Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Fire Fight!!

This past weekend was a paintball Sunday again. I had awaited all week to play and was excited to try out some new gear. I knew we might have a large group of players, which always makes for a very fun day of games.

I woke up at 8:30 on Sunday morning only to look out my window and see it pouring rain! No!! So I started calling all the guys and they seemed to still want to head out to the field and wait for a break in the rain. I quickly checked accuweather.com and their radar showed a small band of storms over my area but moving out quickly! I grabbed my gear and ran out thru the pounding rain to my car and I was off!

I get to the woods lot we play at and a few of the guys are already there. But the rain is still coming down hard. Shortly after, Courts arrives and we sit in my car waiting for the rain to let up. Suddenly, the hard rain turns into a drizzle... then the drizzle stops completly! Game on!

My buddy Steve had come out with his new paintball gear for his first game ever. I think he was a little taken back by what he saw. Steve arrived wearing a black long sleeve shirt, running pants and some football cleats. He was amused to watch the rest of us lace up combat boots, button up camoflage shirts, strap on remote air tanks and tune our tactical radios to different frequencies. We had a full 10 players and 5 v 5 would make for some intense fire fights! Later in the morning, Tod showed up and added another to a team. The action was back and forth with both teams taking wins. Everyone had a ton of fun as usual and now we have a larger group ready to play the next time.

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