Wednesday, June 15, 2005

New Digs

My good buddy EVP was kind enough to donate to me a nice 29 gallon fish tank he no longer had any use for. Of course, I have no plans of putting fish into it. But I know a few hermitt crabs who will just love this new large home to roam around in and dig thru! I plan on getting everything set up tonight for them. I've bought new sand, some new climbing logs and I plan on even picking up a few more hermies. I currently have 4 who will inhabbit the new tank, but I hope to grow the population to as many as 10! The tank is of course, very deep, being a 29 gallon tank. So I'm going to be creative an build up some type of double decker crawling area for them. No where to dig and scavenge on the ground level? Then start climbing little buddies! It should look really cool when i'm done. I know the crabs will enjoy it. Thanks again EVP!!

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