Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Winner!

Here is the picture that won me 1st place in a recent local photography contest, in the Nature catagory. Funny thing was, there were 6 catatogories. I submitted one picture for each catagory. But when I got to the nature section I didn't really have picture I wanted to submit, so I entered this one as kind of a filler. Although I thought it was a decent pic, it wasn't my favorite. But the 3 judges thought so and awarded me first place! I won a $50 gift card at a local photography store and my picture will be used in a 2006 calander along with the other winners. The picture has also been published in a magazine and the local newspaper. Kinda cool I think!


Anonymous said...

God my hand is beautiful!!! You know that's the only reason you won the contest right? They saw the true natural talent my hand possesses and just had to reward it. =)

Just kidding.. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

That's it?

EM's right, it had to be the hand!