Friday, July 25, 2008

I can't believe im almost to the half way point of my 52 Week Project already! Seems like just last week I was sitting in my backyard trying to figure out a self portrait that didn't make me look stupid for my first shot of the project. Well, im 25 pictures into it. I have some good, some bad and a few stand-outs. This weeks I feel is one of those stand outs. Which is funny because when I took this, I didn't really even consider it a usable, quality shot. It was one of the final snaps I took before the light got too dark and I had to pack it in. Im looking to my left, off camera at traffic on the nearby road to see who was slowing down to have a look at me. Although this place was pretty tucked away and hidden from the main road. They would have had to go very slow to see me down this little gravel road leading to a natural gas well in the middle of a Milo field.

A bit of info on the processing. In Lightroom, I cropped it into a bit of a movie-wide screen look. It just seemed right, given my expression and the location. I then gave it a slight vignetting to darken the outside, putting the focus on the subject.... me. After that I applied a Lomo filter preset. Which gave it that green-ish hue. I saved as a full sized TIFF file and exported it over to CS3. From there I gave it a light Smart Sharpen and then applied a Photo Filter Adjustment Layer. I picked a light orange-ish brown color, which created that fire in the sky look behind me. As soon as I saw the result, I said... thats its, im done! Flatten layers, resize, save-as, shoot to Flickr.


Heather @ said...

I'm horrible with posting my 52 weeks. You just might have inspired me to start back doing them.

- the Domestic Diva

Thorpeland said...

Awesome! I hope so!