Sunday, July 27, 2008

Originally uploaded by Thorpeland
This past Wednesday I set out to get off the main roads and find solitude. More specifically, find a remote...wide open location to get rural shots for my stock photography work.

I called up my friend Beau who lived in the area and headed out with my gear. It was about 7pm and we were about to hit that "magic hour" for some great agriculture type shots. Beau guided me down some back roads thinking a field like this would be what I wanted. As soon as i saw it, I said "perfect!". We pulled off the road, setup the tripod and camera. But as soon as I got setup, large clouds rolled in and totally blocked out the sun. Things became very gray and muted. That golden sunset lighting I wanted, was gone. Bummer. So rather than try to submit them to the stock agency, I toyed with them in Lightroom and Photoshop to give me at least some creative shots to post on my Flickr page.

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